Leading Strong PT 4. Excellence

Leading a Next Gen team, especially during challenging times, Can put a Pastors strength to the test, keeping his or her team calm, focused and confident during periods of uncertainty at times leads me to feel like a like a military commander.

Leaders earn the respect and trust of their team by setting an example of excellence.

Showing your team that you have their best interest in mind as well as that of your church goes a long way to gain trust.Think with me about being on the battlefield, bullets flying everywhere and you as the leader being willing to take a bullet by taking responsibility for a mistake.

When leaders Lead strong, it shows integrity and ownership for your team’s decisions.When things go wrong, a weak team leader will quickly shift the blame,While a strong leader will hold him or herself accountable and looks for alternate solutions.

Being a Strong Leader means empowering your Next Gen staff, not micromanaging them where they do not feel safe offering an opinion for fear of ridicule.

A kids director or a student pastor may follow your orders out of intimidation but secretly wish you would get shifted to another platoon aka another part of the church.

Strong Leaders have the power to make or break a healthy team by ignoring petty politics, discouraging gossip and setting high expectations for themselves and their team.

Clear, effective communication and adhering to company’s goals and principles without wavering is what separate leaders that inspire loyalty from those who encourage their employees to jump ship where they will feel more secure.

Today Thought are all over the place are you picking up what I’m putting down?

What are your thoughts on how to Lead Strong?

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